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Waunlwyd Colliery

The Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company Ltd sank Waunllwyd Colliery's No.2 and No.3 shafts between 1874 and 1876. No.2 downcast 268 yards deep, No.3 upcast 269 yards.
An underground fire broke out near the stables, on September 22nd, 1879 killing three men including a father and his son, 16 horses also perished. An air-door, which had been purposely left open to clear a pocket of gas was accidentally close by a fireman sending the gas to the naked lights at the stables, where it ignited.
The Dead.;
John Jones a Fireman.
William Griffiths (snr.) an Ostler.
William Griffiths (jnr.) an Ostler.
In 1896 a workforce of 951 men were employed here and coal was being extracted from the Three Quarters, Big Vein and Elled seams.
During 1897 another downcast shaft was sunk (No.1) at 272 yards deep.
By 1918 the workforce had grown to 2,365 men.
From a list 1923, there were 1,977 men working, producing coal and ironstone from the Old Coal and Meadow Vein (No.1 pit) Elled, Big Vein and Three Quarter seams (No.2).
During 1935 Partridge Jones and John Paton and Co. became the new owners.
In 1938 it employed 1,123 and in 1945 there were 758 men employed,and 486 men in 1962.
The colliery was effectively closed when it was integrated with the Marine colliery in 1964.

Victoria Collieries

Victoria pits were a series of 16 mine workings producing both coal and iron ore to supply the Victoria Ironworks owned by the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Co. Ltd.

The shaft of the original Victoria No.1 colliery was sunk to a depth of 690 feet by the Ebbw Vale Company and completed in 1846 (other shafts were sunk later). Although it was only a single shaft it was used to raise both coal and iron from three different levels. Winding was by the Water Balance method.

The No. 6 pit was added in 1847. This was also a water balance pit working both iron and coal.

There occurred an accident just over one year after it opened, when 11 miners who were descending the shaft fell to their deaths after a rope, which was connected to a counter balance bucket became detached.


On March 2nd 1871, a gas explosion occurred at the Victoria No.1 pit killing eighteen men and one boy.

At the inquest the government mines inspector reported that a blower of gas from the coalface had been ignited by a naked flame, he also added that the ventilation was inadequate and this was compounded by the abnormal weather conditions. In his report to the Home Office the inspector stated if his earlier advice on ventilation improvement had been put into practice the explosion probably would not have occurred.

After the explosion the pit was closed down, it reopened eleven years later when steam powered winding and ventilation fans were installed.


In 1896 a workforce of 363 were producing coal from the Big Vein, Byddeg, Old Coal and Old Woman's Coal seams.

By 1908 the workforce had increased to 463.

No. 6 closed in 1894 and No. 5 closed in 1895 and reopened in 1914 it was then called Prince of Wales, Victoria. Victoria No. 1 closed in 1914.

In 1918 there were 998 men employed.

From a list 1923, there were 1,089 men working, producing from the Black Vein and Gwarycae seams.

Later Partridge Jones & John Paton Ltd. owned it.

Production ceased in 1929.

In 1945 there were only 8 men employed for pumping and ventilation.

21st June 184821st April 1848

Name                         Age          Marital Status

Chivers, Hubert        13                       -

Davis, James             39            Marrried

Edwards, Richard     26             Single

Harris John              47             Married, 4 Children

Morgan, John           32            Widowed

Owen, William         18             Single

Phelps, James          29            Single

Stilman, Emanuel     27           Widowed

Thomas, David        29            Married, 2 Children

Williams, Isaac        23            Single

Williams, Richard   27             Single

    2nd March 1871

  Name               Age        Job       Marital Status                         Address

Adams, Francis       21       Collier       Single                                 Briery Hill

Chapman, John        23        Collier     Married - 1 Child                 Old Pitty

Cooke, Samuel        18          Collier    Single                                 Bee Row

Evans, John             31         Collier     Married - 5 Children           Victoria Town

Ford, Charles          20         Collier     Single                                 Powells Row

Gallope, John         30         Collier     Married - 6 Children            Briery Hill

Gallope, Joseph      25         Collier     Married                               Old Pitty

George, James        24         Collier     Married - 1 Child                 Briery Hill

Harris, Joseph        12         Doorboy   Single                                  Powells Row

James, Thomas       21         Collier     Single                                   Briery Hill

Mitchell, Thomas    39         Collier     Married - 10 Childr        Victoria Town

Phillips, Philip        59         Collier     Married                                 Bee Row

Phillips, David        21         Collier     Single                                    Bee Row

Plummer, William   24         Collier     Married                                 Victoria Town

Price, Jonathan      50         Fireman   Married - 6 Children              Powells Row

Price, John            18          Collier     Single (Son of Jonathan)       Powells Row

Tanner, James       18          Collier      Single                                    Briery Hill

Williams, George   23          Haulier      Single                                    Briery Hill

Waunlwyd Colliery

Victoria Colliery

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