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I’m glad the valley is greener

The air is much, much cleaner

I’m happy and I’m sad  

Thank goodness I have an employed Dad

There are daffodils growing on the fields

Where the mines used to be

                     What a lovely site for us to see.   

                                                                                                        By Rhys Thomas - Waunlwyd School

The valley is cleaner

The grass is greener

The miners can rest at long last

We appreciate how hard they worked

And will always be grateful to them

But the valley is cleaner

The grass is greener

                The miners can rest at long last.                                                                          

By Ellie Smith - Waunlwyd School

It’s Green Again

Pollution from the ironworks

Gave us smoky skies

People suffered from the smoke and dust

And laughter was turned to cries

But now the valley’s green again

Blue skies are here to stay

Trees can grow and flowers give colour

The village is beautiful again

Let’s hope it stays that way.


By Selina - Cwm School

The Valley

The filthy dark trees are green again

Animals deserted homes returned to again

The old grey skies are turned back blue

The old grey grass is bright green too

The deserted woods were quiet before

But now there are birds to sing once more

A colourless landscape is now a colourful scene

The deadly illnesses have faded away

And smog is replaced by lovely fresh air

So fortunately clogged uplungs are rare

Springtime has come to Cwm at last

We hope we never return to the past


By Kalum Baker - Cwm School

 Where is the dirt

Where is the smoke

Where is the dust

That made men choke

The valley is green

No dust to be seen

Flowers and trees

Blow and shake in the breeze

There’s no more dust

Only rust

Men worked down the pit

Now they just sit  

                                                                             By Thomas Poultney - Cwm School

The Blue Sky Over Cwm

The steelworks  gone, what a frustration

Wages lost cause devastation

But the new blue sky is a great creation

The garden that stands right by the church

Now provides every bird with a perch

An ugly landscape is what it used to be

Now it’s a beautiful sight for everyone to see

A beautiful sanctuary sat amongst the hills

With clean fresh air that nobody kills

Rivers rippling, running fast.


By Emily Johnson  - Cwm School

 The Grey Valley

The sheets of green have come back again

Where once there was all dreary smoke

Now the children can go out to play

Without having to choke

You mixed the chemicals into the river

Now it can’ affect the animals’ livers

Before, there were only ugly landscapes out of your door

Now we can do one that doesn’t look poor

The grey clouds that give no effect

Blue skies now treated with respect

Smog that made the valley bad

Has blown away with the faces so sad

Now happy children laugh and play games

‘Cos the sheets of green are in Cwm again.


By Ellie Smith - Cwm School

The valley of Cwm

Buildings were demolished

But now everything’s polished

We couldn’t have fun

Because there wasn’t much sun

All dull colours have now gone.

Black and grey has been outshone

The environment was grey

It was horrible they say

All the trees were shredded to pieces

It was not really a holiday

Because the valleys were black and grey

But now the pits are in the past

The valley of cwm is green at last.


By Joe - Cwm School

The Valley Turns Green Again

The grey and dusty smog finally disappears

The dark, polluted river finally clears

The ugly, colourless landscape finally has colour

Cwm is turning green again

Loads of people died

Loads of people cried

The pits claimed lots of lives

The steelworks polluted the skies

But now a hospital can be built

And Cwm will be green again.


By Harri - Cwm School

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