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A selection of poems written by pupils of Waunlwyd and Cwm Schools in 2009 for the Miners Memorial 

The grass is greener

The river is cleaner

 It is so nice to see colour again                            The miners were working so hard

And we appreciate what they have done    

 Now they can rest at long last

In a valley that is cleaner and greener

By Stuart Scott Bradley - Waunlwyd School

(Joint Winner)    

Chelsie pictured at the Memorial next to her winning entry.

Down in the mine I see nothing but darkness

Down in the mine I see sad faces

Then it all changed, the grass is greener

The river was cleaner

And the river flowed

As the sun glowed

There were no rivers, no sun

Everything was sad, cold and upset

But it’s all fine

The air filled the sky

And the sun helped the plants grow

So there was happiness all around.  


By Ciara Tierney -Waunlwyd School

Men working hard morning ‘til night

Their faces black as soot

The green, green grass

By the valley by-pass

I see the faces happy and sad

Thank God I’ve got an unemployed Dad !


 By Charlotte Godding - Waunlwyd School

Miners Dedication (31).jpg
Miners Dedication (25).jpg

The valley is cleaner

As the grass is greener

The miners working harder

Than we’ll ever know.

The miner will smile as

They see our valley that is

Cleaner and greener today.

                                                                             By Amy  Griffiths - Waunlwyd School

I’m glad the valley is greener

The air is much, much cleaner

I’m happy and I’m sad  

Thank goodness I have an employed Dad

There are daffodils growing on the fields

Where the mines used to be

What a lovely site for us to see.  

                                                                        By Rhys Thomas - Waunlwyd School

Hip Hip hooray, it’s  greener today

But back in time down the mine

It was dark and glum, children calling

“Where’s my Mum”

Now it’s hapy, never sad, so

Hip hip hooray, it’s cleaner today

They worked very hard, so thanks to them all

Now my life is more of a ball.


      By Jade Williams - Waunlwyd School

Stuart Scott Bradley pictured at the Memorial next to his winning entry.

The miners in cages

Black dust on their faces

Work for their wages

Working all day, morning till night

Just to make sure their kids are alright

Mum makes a stew to last all week

Because they can’t afford to have many treats.

Now things are different, the mine is no more

Now people are better and no longer poor.


   By Chelsie  - Cwm School  ( Joint Winner)

When I go down Cwm Miner

I see sad faces

Because no-one has jobs to be done

I see happy faces

As the grass got greener

The river got cleaner

Loads of emotion around.

                                                                                     By Jodie Beynon - Waunlwyd School

The miners worked hard every day

And couldn’t wait to finish work

And shout hip hip hooray

Now there’s  green  grass

And a new by-pass

It’s Spring at last

Winters’ gone fast

And the flowers will bloom once again.


 By Elliot Jones -Waunlwyd School

It is great to see less of the smoke

And more of the sky and the green,  green grass Instead of the coal

All the miners who have lost their jobs

Not being able to pay for their food

So all they do is watch the bright sky thinking

Of the times they were down the mine.


By Dylan Thomas - Waunlwyd School

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