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Formation of the Group

We are a volunteer group working to enhance our local community so that we can have a better and cleaner area to live in and to enjoy the natural surroundings and history we have in our area.
The group started as part of the Environment Section of Cwm,Waunlwyd & Victoria  Community First Partnership.
We were a constituted group and therefore we formed our own group known as :-                             CWM  COMMUNITY  CARE in 2004.

Cwm Views (6).JPG
Cwm Views (5).JPG

The main reason for forming the group was, that  in approximately 2000, a child from the local school found a 'Black Stone' on her way home. This black stone was actually a piece of Coal! 
This prompted us to try to publicise the history of the Mines in the Ebbw Fawr Valley because we realised the younger generation did not know what coal was and why the village of Cwm was built.


Our  Aims
-The aims and objectives of the group are to promote and environmentally enhance the area on behalf of the surrounding community
2- To promote nature conservation, biodiversity and accessibility to green spaces through active participation.
3- To advance the education of the public in subjects related to a sustainable development and the protection,enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment.
4- To reduce feeling of exclusion by providing opportunities regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity.
5- To promote and conserve the local heritage and encourage tourism to the area.

We are currently a Committee of eight people.
The Officers are :-   Mervyn Robbins (Chairman)  Tel:- 01495 370845
                                    Jill Davies  (Sec/Treasurer)    Tel :- 01495 370067 


                               Email address :-

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