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Cwmrydderch Gardens

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Cwmrhydderch Community Garden

When the bypass was built it made the walk from below the bridge to above the bridge much steeper.

Because most of the shops and Post Office and Chemist are below the bridge it made it more difficult for the people living above it to walk back to their homes.

There was a plot of derelict land adjacent to Tirzah Baptist Church which was being used as a dumping ground for all types of builders waste and scrap vehicles.

 We recognised the need to reclaim this area  for the benefit of the community where people living above the bridge had a place to relax.

Following negotiations with the local authority we were able to rent this piece of  land and build a community garden.After almost 3 years of negotiations and raising funding for this project we were able to officially dedicate this piece of land for the benefit of the community.

 In 2008 the garden was completed and named  CWMYRDDERCH  COMMUNITY  GARDEN

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