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Colliery 1906 003 Colliery Site May 2012 (10)

When the Marine Colliery closed in 1989, the site was cleared and the winding wheels retained over the shafts.

The Old Marine Colliery Site

Marine Colliery Pumping Engine

Located near the roundabout at the Southern end of the new Cwm By-Pass is a large steam-pumping engine, built by Hathorn Davey of Leeds in 1893 and formerly used at the colliery. It was installed there when the colliery was completed, in a chamber beneath the winding engine on the downcast shaft. The engine could deal with 50,000 gallons of water per hour when working at seven strokes per minute. It has a 68-inch low-pressure cylinder with a 10 feet stroke and engine cost £4,630 to install. The engine was rescued during site clearance operations and relocated to its presenent location, set on a concrete plinth and fenced off. It is built entirely of cast iron, and has been thoroughly painted since re-erection.

The engine is a scheduled ancient monument regarded as of national importance as a rare colliery-pumping engine surviving intact from the late 19th century.

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Aerial views of Colliery Site

The aerial views of the colliery site, Miners Memorial & Pump Engine were captured in 2015 by a drone operated  Gwyn Jenkins, and have been published on this website with his permission.